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Welcome to Then Scott Chipperfield Went Bald!

14 Jul

Hi there! Glad you’ve found us. This is a new site about the interesting and odd world of Swiss football named after the hairline of the player who has arguably contributed the most to the domestic game over the last decade. Here’s the story:

In the summer of 2001 a boy from Wollongong in Australia was signed by Christrian Gross for FC Basel. He was 25 years old. Until this move he had been a semi professional football, combining his playing career with that as a bus driver at a local school. Not exactly on a par with David Beckam’s protracted move from Man Utd to Real Madrid but the signing of Scott Chipperfield was one that would alter Basel’s destiny.

When Chippy signed for Basel the club had won 8 league titles in their entire history. During his 10 years in Swiss football he won the league 7 times and the cup 6 times, including 3 doubles. There were just 2 years in his 10 that he didn’t win a trophy. For all Basel’s success in the last decade he was the one constant, the one player who was there for the first league title in 2002 until his move to play for local side FC Aesch at the beginning of this season. The thing that was also constant was the loss of his hair. As the saying goes – form is temporary, class is permanent. So also is hair because having had success then Scott Chipperfield went bald.

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